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St. Leo the Great has invested over $200,000 in computers and software and has a full-time Technology Specialist on staff for our students. This includes:

  • Promethean Boards (Smart Boards)  in every class 

  • Full Computer Lab with 20 iMacs 

  • 1:1 Google Chromebooks for students

  • VEXIQ® Robotics Program 

  • 3D printer 

  • Digital Drawing Tablets

Saint Leo the Great is an educational leader, whose priorities are to seek high academic standards and to nurture student learning. Our students utilize technology to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving. From our state-of-the-art computer lab to our interactive online curriculum, students optimize all available resources and are engaged in and out of the classroom.


Through technology, our students practice high-level thinking and develop advanced communication skills. Starting in Pre-K, students are given an opportunity to access and explore technology, so that they become curious, successful life-long learners.


Our administrators, teachers, and support staff support our model of appropriate use of technology and provide a safe, and effective learning community. 

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