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Our Diocese

Philosophy of the Diocese of Oakland


The Catholic elementary and secondary schools within the Diocese of Oakland are the expression of the educational ministry of the parishes, religious congregation and of the Diocese itself. Under the authority of the Bishop, the schools share a common Christian vision, resources and responsibilities as they strive to serve the youth that are reflective of the diverse cultural, ethnic and economic population of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The Diocese and individual schools are committed to include the poor in Catholic school education.


The tenet and tradition of the Catholic faith are an integral component of the philosophy and goals of each school. All facets of Catholic education contribute to the faith principles founded in the liberating love of Jesus Christ and the Good News as proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church in contemporary society.


The schools prepare youth to respect the sacred dignity of each person as an individual and as a responsible member of the community and also enable students to translate the Good News into action within a challenging and disciplined environment provided by caring and capable teachers.

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