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Extended Care Program


Activities include:


  • Tutoring and Homework Help


  • Arts and Crafts


  • Outdoor Recreation and walks through the neighborhood


  • Indoor Games - both directed and independent


  • Music


  • Storytelling


  • Dance & Movement Activities

An Extended Care Program is available both before and after school hours - before school care opens at 7:00 am and after school care closes at 6:00 pm.


The “Lion’s Den” Extended Care Center is a place where students at Saint Leo the Great Catholic School are able to come after school to play and grow in a well-organized, yet flexible, learning environment. Parents will have the security of knowing that the children are being provided for in a program devoted entirely to the growth and development of the whole child.  All activities are Catholic/Christian-centered and directed toward allowing the child to build and reinforce a positive self-image and a positive attitude about sharing and caring for each other in a group setting. In addition, the extended care program embodies the philosophy of the school.


The Lion’s Den Extended Care Program is designed to meet the needs of the whole child. The extended care program operates in the sheltered area on the school playground.

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