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Pastor's Welcome


Dear St. Leo School Community,


I am very excited to be the new Parochial Administrator of St. Leo the Great Parish and School!


In addition to my duties as the Rector of the Cathedral of Christ the Light, I will also be overseeing the pastoral care of your wonderful community.


I hear about the wonderful work that is being accomplished by Mrs. Simril, the talented faculty and staff, and the students and families of St. Leo. I must say that I have been very impressed by what I see, even though I have only seen it from a distance. We have a great school and much to be proud of!


Our patron, Pope St. Leo the Great, was known for his exemplary administrative abilities in leading the Church in the 5th Century. However, he led very differently than popes of his era. In fact, his impeccable abilities granted him to distinction of being known as “The Great.”


What made St. Leo so great? At a time when there was widespread criticism of Church structures and when Church leaders can be too preoccupied with temporal matters, St. Leo showed himself to be a great administrator because his leadership was informed by the teachings of Christ, promoting peace among brothers and sisters, and devotion to excellent pastoral care. He was a master in uniting his entire work upon the person of Jesus Christ!


That is my motivation as the new spiritual leader of St. Leo’s community. My mission is simply to point each of you to Jesus Christ, who alone is Savior and Lord. When we know Jesus personally, we can do anything!


Friends, I am simply a herald of the Good News, charged with bringing you all to an encounter with Him who offers us a future full of hope and grace. With Christ great things happen! I look forward to following Him with you!


I look forward to meeting you all soon.


Sincerely yours in Christ,

The Very Reverend Brandon E. Macadaeg

Rector, Cathedral of Christ the Light

Parochial Administrator, St. Leo the Great

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