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'A Good Education' ... and More

The following is a student's perspective on the significance of a Catholic education and what it's like to experience it at Saint Leo the Great Catholic School.

"There are always a lot of advantages to going to a
Catholic school. Some advantages of going to Saint Leo
the Great Catholic School are that you get a good
education and the teachers care about you. An education
is what's best for you and what gets you a good job.

Another advantage is there are a lot of extracurricular activities here at Saint Leo the Great. You can get to a
good high school if you go to a Catholic school and extracurricular activities help because it goes on your recommendation-- and that can
also help you get to the high school you want."

  • Clubs & Organizations
  • • Student Council (leadership)
  • • Peace Patrol (conflict resolution)
  • • Journalism (newspaper & yearbook)
  • Extra / Co-Curricular
  • • Band & Gospel Choir (music)
  • • "Praise Dancers" (dance)
  • • CYO (basketball, track, cheerleading)

These are only some advantages and personally, I like going to a Catholic school. I've been at
Saint Leo's for ten years now, since I was four years old. I've been here since I was in Pre-K.
I love this school and all my friends in it. I really like it here and wouldn't trade it for anything."


Former Students, Family Forever

If you graduated from Saint Leo the Great Catholic School, you're no longer a student, but you'll always be a part of the "family" here at Saint Leo the Great. As you move on and spread your wings in life, just like real family, we hope you come back "home" to visit once in awhile to let us know how things are going, or to see what's new at your alma mater.

If you have news to share from your class -- whether it's from the 1950s or the early 2000s -- feel free to drop us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you! (And be sure to "Connect with Us" on Facebook too).

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Student Council


Carolyn Gill

Vice President
Chuckwuemeka Osajindu

Hiwot Dereje

Sumayyah Alkhameri

Commissioner of Administration
Morgan Hill

Commissioner of Religious Affairs
Matthew Challenger

Commissioner of Ecology
Azalea Koch

Commissioner of Athletics
Aiyanna Dueberry & Kameron Gray

Class Representatives
Elijah Cotapos, Jamie Edgerly,
Terilyn Mitchell, Kali Myers,
Tobechuekuwu Osajindu,
Henry Palmer, & Jaquel Sanders

Alinda Amuiri, Alexis Angulo,
Katelyn Barker, Maks Bialek,
Patrick Doran, Nia Hopkins,
Kendall Mackey, & Christopher Mullins

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